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What You Can Do
With MarketCentral
Basic Stay Active Online and Enjoy a No-Cost Website!
Premium Pay a Subscription Fee and Skip on
Earning Points!
Boost Sales & Revenue
Lead Management
Orders & Invoicing
One Click Bulk Email to Customers
Business to Business Networking
Inventory Pooling to Optimize CAPEX 5 Requests Unlimited Requests
Add a New Business Channel
24x7 Online Sales Channel for Your Business
Global Reach and Improved Visibility
Secure https:// Website & Free SSL certification
Post Buy Leads to Sellers Unlimited Unlimited
Post Sell Leads to Buyers 2 per month 4 per month
Build Your Own Brand
Branded Website for Your Business
Google Ranking Services & Organic (Free) SEO
Google Ranking Services for Your Existing Website
Social Media Integration Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
Brand Building on Website via Logo & Sliders
Control Your Own Online Website
Unlimited Product Upload
20 Plus Ready to Use Website Designs
No Hosting Fees
Complete Control of Your Own Online Business
Display New/Discounted/Top-Selling Products
Set product offer prizes
Get Optional Add-Ons
Payment Gateway Integration
MoQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Setup
Credit Terms
Product Pricing Display
Support Services
Chat & Phone Support
Analytics Dashboard for Easy Management
Points Required Per Month(Earned Through Activities)** 4000 Points Not Applicable
Subscription Fee Not Applicable
Rs. 4000
Rs. 12000
Rs. 24000
Rs. 48000

Frequently Asked Questions

Your growth is our success.

MarketCentral was built to enable small and medium enterprises to grow, save and succeed online without being limited by financial or technical resources. At the core of MarketCentral is our commitment to equip every business with the tools necessary for their online success. This is why the base variant of MarketCentral will always be free for our active users

We make our revenue through the other businesses our parent company operates. We have no hidden costs

While our services are free, we have limited space to host multiple client websites, product details, business information etc. Hence, MarketCentral is eager to find active businesses who will utilise the platform to their best capability! If you are such a business, then MarketCentral is a place where active users like you will thrive. Our points system has been built so that our active users are always rewarded.

You can earn points on MarketCentral by doing your regular business activities on our site. Some examples of regular business activities include uploading your products, or adding information about your company on your profile. The points that you earn every month can be used to claim your next free month of MarketCentral. Active users can hence keep their MarketCentral account at zero cost for lifetime.

You can see what activities will earn you points once you register for MarketCentral.

If you’re low on points in any month you can keep your MarketCentral account active by paying a reactivation fee. This token amount will be calculated on the basis of how many points you already have. Once your account is reactivated, you can again continue earning points for your next free month of MarketCentral.

You can read more about the reactivation fee once you register for MarketCentral.

Currently, MarketCentral has a subscription model. If you do not want to earn points to use for your free month, you can instead pay a subscription fee. The details of the subscription fee are as per above.

In the future, MarketCentral may add more value-added services. Such services may come at a separate cost, and will be optional for our customers to purchase.

Just perform your daily business activities on MarketCentral and you will automatically earn points, without any extra effort. Click Here to understand more about points.