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Online Storefront

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Build an online version of your physical store in a few steps with MarketCentral. Sell directly to your customers. No middlemen. No commissions!

Expand your customer base and revenue! MarketCentral helps your physical store cater to online shoppers and create a new revenue channel.

Offer retail and bulk pricing options to your customers based on the quantity.

Give your customers the choice of multiple payment options - UPI, Debit and Credit Cards.

No payment holds! Streamline your transactions with direct, commission-free services.

Simplify, save, and benefit! MarketCentral makes tax compliance easy with manageable steps, helping you avoid penalties and maximize potential deductions.

Automatic order confirmation and order shipping details to your customers. Service your customers with ease.


Easy to use marketing tools

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Let the world know how awesome your products and services are! User-friendly tools for marketing even for beginners.

Stop buying leads and start building! MarketCentral helps you leverage your network for faster lead closing.

Effortlessly share product catalogue with a single tap. WhatsApp individual product information and videos.

Don't miss out on qualified leads! MarketCentral's digital expos put your business in front of potential customers ready to buy.

Announce new products, sales, or discounts to retain customers and keep them engaged.

Spark conversations and showcase your products! Use social media to create interactive experiences for your prospects.

Lightning-fast networking. Share your business details with a single tap.


Business Branding & Networking

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Invest in your brand, invest in your future! Stand out, connect with customers, and achieve lasting success.

Turn viewers into buyers. Showcase your products on social media and give them a reason to choose you.

Chat provides the voice of the customer. Chat conversations can provide valuable insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points.

Make smarter decisions with the latest industry news! Join an industry association and stay informed.

Turn connections into collaborations! Network with other businesses, build strong relationships, and discover exciting new opportunities.

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Inventory Management

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Benefit your business with good inventory management practices. Meet customer demand with right products in the right place at the right time.

Closely collaborate with suppliers on MarketCentral and enjoy the benefits of reduced storage and operational costs.

MarketCentral makes drop shipping simple! Find suppliers, manage orders, and launch your business all in one place.

Never miss a customer order! Inventory pooling on MarketCentral lets you fulfill orders even when stock runs low.


All-in-one Operations

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Say goodbye to complex tools! MarketCentral offers a user-friendly back-office, so you can manage your business with ease, even on the move.

Accurate product info builds trust! MarketCentral's user-friendly tools empower you to keep your listings up-to-date and win customer confidence.

One platform, all orders! MarketCentral unifies your order management for in-store, credit card, and online sales.

Personalized marketing made easy! MarketCentral's customer list allows you to segment and target your audience for more effective outreach.

Save time and minimize errors! MarketCentral automates your billing process with quoting, invoicing, and simplified transaction reconciliation.


Indicators, Performance and Integrations

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Track your progress, one step at a time! MarketCentral keeps you informed with clear performance indicators so you can measure success and stay on track.

Set achievable goals and track your progress! MarketCentral provides comprehensive performance indicators, including sales, turnover, invoices, and contacts.

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